He’s Crafty: Crafting With Boys

Father and son craft time: a good idea from “Let Children Play.”

This was previously published on “Let Children Play: The Freedom to Discover Greatness.”

We mostly think of craft time as girl time. For me, anyway, it brings to mind knitting, scrap booking and Mod Podge, all done with girlfriends long before my kids were born. But over at Classic Play, Jen Cooper (who is always ready for some crafting) just shared a great post about how to induct boys into the craft world, too. It’s a world beyond Legos and Hero Factory, where boys can sit down and find the artsier and craftier side of themselves. Are you into that?

With Father’s Day coming up we have a built in excuse to get dads and sons everywhere crafting. Cooper offers up some macho suggestions that will make pasting, cutting and creating tantalizing to the men in your life.

For all you dads out there, how do you feel about crafting with your sons? Could you see yourself engaging in some father-son crafting time, or do you feel that crafting is still for the women folk? As a parent do you feel we should encourage our sons to get in touch with their crafty side, or does this impinge too much on the rough-and-tumble life of boys?


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  1. Hi Megan, you made me stop and think about this one. It’s been a while since I’ve done any crafting stuff with my 10 year old and he really has done it mostly with mum. I can’t even make the lame excuse that there’s no time to fit it in during the week because there is always the weekend. One thing for sure seeing some of his artwork shows that he’s a much better artist than I am, so he may juts laugh at my contributions anyway! 🙂 Thanks for posting.

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