The Modern Dad: Hanging Out With Dad Bloggers From Across the Internet


Just in time for Father’s Day, The Good Men Project co-hosts a Google Hangout with Google and Dads and Editors from Mashable, Esquire, NYC Dads, and more.

Get a group of guys together talking about what they are passionate about and it’s always a lively conversation. This hangout was no exception. Brought together by Google, as part of their G+ Fatherhood series, Managing Editor Justin Cascio moderated a talk about What it Means to be a Dad: Past, Present and Future. 

On the panel was:

Matt Silverman, Mashable

Richard Dorment, Esquire writer, recent article tackling if men can “have it all”

Matt Schneider, NYC Dads Group

Zach Rosenberg, 8 Bit Dad

Andy Miller, The Handsome Father Initiative

Justin Cascio, Moderator, Managing Editor, The Good Men Project

Listen in as they discuss paternity leave, job flexibility, how technology has changed the role of parenting and what they are still doing the “old school” ways as dads.

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