100 Words on Love: We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Valentine’s Day

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100 Words on Love, by Joanna Schroeder 

Romance is buying your favorite yogurts and lining them up like stout little soldiers next to the strawberries. It’s driving 40 minutes to Whole Foods to get your weird Chia seed granola to go with it.

Love is not being able to sleep when you’re working all night. It’s leaning into you when you arrive, sliding legs and arms into the tangle we’ve perfected over the last decade, and a deep sleepy sigh.

It’s you being late the next day so you can help me load my mountain bike into my car.

Love is just us.


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About Joanna Schroeder

After years as Executive Editor, Joanna Schroeder now serves as Director of Media Relations for The Good Men Project while she focuses on her own writing. Her work has appeared on Redbook, Yahoo!, xoJane, MariaShriver.com, TIME.com, and more. She and her husband are outdoor sports enthusiasts raising very active sons. She just finished her first novel. Follow her shenanigans on Twitter.


  1. This is perfect.

  2. shauna marie says:

    love is the best.

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