100 Words of Love: On the Morning I Was Able to Smell Again


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100 Words on Love, by Dan Szczesny


On the aroma of the tortilla soup she made before my operation, but I can only smell this morning on her night shirt.

On the smell of her body wash on her bare shoulders that I mistake for perfume and she laughs and tells me I have a lot of work to do, smell-wise. And yes, sometimes she wears perfume as well, but I just never noticed.

On the scent of shampoo I can smell in her beautiful black hair as I bend down to kiss the top of her head.

Love with all five senses now.


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Photo: Flickr/anetz

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Dan Szczesny's new book, The Nepal Chronicles, is an account of his Kathmandu wedding and unguided trek to Everest Base Camp. Previous books include The Adventures of Buffalo and Tough Cookie, the story of his year-long journey through New Hampshire's mountains with his 10-year-old foster daughter. He's written about Alaska, the Grand Canyon and having a hernia. Between trips, he calls Manchester home where he lives with his wife Meenakshi. Visit him at www.danszczesny.com. Connect at Facebook and Twitter @danjszczesny

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