100 Words on Love: The Sharp, Breathless Love

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100 Words on Love by Anne Thériault


I was lying on an operating table, strapped down and stuck full of tubes. My arms were on boards extending perpendicular to my body; I felt like Jesus on the cross.
They said, “It’s a boy!” and I started to cry. A boy. A tiny, wrinkly, red boy to name after my grandfather.

They placed him on my arm, and I could barely hold him because I could barely move. I was strange and scared, lying cut open in the middle of this cold, white room.

But oh, the sharp, breathless love I felt in that moment eclipsed everything else.



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About Anne Theriault

Anne Theriault lives in Toronto with her husband and young son. She spends her days teaching yoga, reading in cafés, and trying to figure out how to negotiate in toddler-ese.


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