In It For The Long Haul: 20 Kickass Songs About Marriage

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Gint Aras is the Marriage Editor at The Good Men Project. Joanna Schroeder is a Senior Editor and Editor of Sex & Relationships at The Good Men Project.


  1. Mark Radcliffe says:

    Nice start. ;) But I gotta add Marc Cohn’s “True Companion.”

    • @Mark Radcliffe: True Companion is the first one that came to mind for me too!

      • Mark Radcliffe says:

        Right? No list is complete without it. ;) I’ve played the song at 10 weddings myself (when not playing my own wedding-themed songs) and it never fails to bring the tears. He’s my songwriting hero…

    • DITTO! My husband and I consider True Companion “our song.” We didn’t dance to it at our wedding…alas, we were too young and broke to afford a deejay at our reception…but we did listen to it in the car as we drove away for our brief honeymoon.

      18 years and much joy and pain later, we are still together, and the meaning of the song has only grown deeper and sweeter with age. We still listen to it every year on our anniversary.

      This list should be expanded to 21 so True Companion can be included (or else drop the Taylor Swift song …sorry but I think she is very overrated and I’m just not a fan.)

  2. Please add: “Still the One” by Orleans

  3. Harvest Moon was our wedding song! Hands down one of the most romantic songs ever!

  4. Mark Sherman says:

    Talking about Paul McCartney (who, to my mind, is to popular music what Mozart was to classical), how about his beautiful “Here, There, and Everywhere”? which the Beatles recorded in 1966 just before Paul’s 24th birthday.
    My wife and I had it played as our first song when we got married in 1970!

    • Joanna Schroeder says:

      Aww, that’s so awesome, Mark!

      I don’t know “Here, There, and Everywhere” – I’m going to have to go listen to it now!

      Did you like the list?

      • Mark Sherman says:

        Yes, I do like the list (though I’ll admit I’m not familiar with all the songs on it). And I like the songs added in the comments too.

        I think love inspires songwriters, as well as other artists, to do some of their finest work.

  5. Rhondda Purtell says:

    Some more to add to the list:
    Silver Threads among the Gold
    When I grow too old to Dream

  6. Dave McCartney says:

    The first one that came to mind was Lyle Lovette singing Flyswatter/Icewater Blues.

  7. Bread, “Make it with you” classic!

  8. Frank Eannarino says:

    Elvis Costello “Sweet Pear” off his album Mighty Like A Rose.

    “I swear this is my prayer
    till we’re burned and scattered in the atmosphere
    Or lost in the world across a crowded room
    I am your stupid lover, your wretched groom.”

  9. Another good one…
    In my life – Beatles

  10. I’d add two more to that list-
    Journey’s Faithfully –
    I Love You – Climax Blues Band –

  11. “All About Soul” by Billy Joel. Such a perfect love song. And there’s a runner-up with his “She’s Always a Woman,” too.

  12. Blah Blah Blah says:

    UUUMMMMMMMM… Am I one who notices that these songs are performed by people who have either never been married, or are divorced?

  13. Bob Wright says:

    The Book of Love by Peter Gabriel. It’s great and was one of those perfectly placed songs in a movie, Shall We Dance.

  14. I just got into an argument this weekend that “Fairytale of New York” is a love song, so this is a very timely verification.

  15. I’ll add You’re My Best Friend by Queen

  16. Why couldn’t y’all have made a Spotify playlist of these songs?!

  17. “Naked As We Came” by Iron & Wine is definitely such a song, and quite lovely.

  18. I made a Spotify playlist of this! The Good Men Project should really consider making Spotify playlists on a regular basis. I think a lot of us want to be more familiar with good music that reflects our values, and you all are a great group to lead that!

  19. How about “Grow Old With Me,” by John Lennon? Mary Chapin Carpenter’s version was my wedding song. :)

  20. I’d like to add an oldie but goodie… This one of my favorites from Roy Clark .. “Honeymoon Feelin’”
    It seems like only yesterday you walked into my life
    And answered all my prayers and made my dreams come true
    And even though it’s been some time since I made you my wife
    Every day I find I’m even more in love with you.

    I still get that honeymoon feeling
    After all these years my heart goes reeling.
    Every time you touch me it’s the living end
    I still get that honeymoon feeling
    I can still hear those wedding bells ringing
    Every time we love I get that honeymoon feeling again.

  21. You forgot “love remembers” by Craig Morgan


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