What Happens When a Third-Grader Chases His Dreams? He Becomes a 20-Year-Old Entrepreneur Who Has Made Dreams Happen

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Jeet Banerjee has failed at three start-up businesses. On his fourth try, he figured out the secret to success.  

Twenty-year-old Jeet Banerjee started the quest to realize his dreams in grade three. He built a website that had all of three followers—his mom, his dad and himself. He considered it a flop, but was undaunted. At age 13 with $48 in start-up money he attempted a video game business. At 17, he experienced a “humiliating and heartbreaking” failed launch of a web design company.

It was the reframe of the embarrassing web company beginning (it’s a great story) that lead him to his current success as a digital marketing consultant and author, who—according to his website—has been featured on the New York Times, YES Magazine, Yahoo, TEDx and more.

Recently, Jeet asked himself these questions: When is the right time to chase your dreams? Why do people seem to give up even beginning to pursue a cherished goal? What stops people from going for it?

To find out, he decided to ask two focus groups, one under 25, the other over, this:

1) If you could do anything right now, what would you do?

2) Are you doing it now?

3) If not, why not?

Screen shot 2013-12-03 at 10.05.57 PMHis findings are interesting, if predicable. In the why not responses, two excuses were identical in both age groups. People explained at all ages that time and money were obstacles.

But the third most common reason for delaying the realization of a dream differed in the two age groups. That reason is surprising and revealing.



To find out what holds younger people back from chasing their dreams compared to older people, watch this nine minute TED talk.


(Tip: cue to the 9 minute mark of this 9:30 minute clip if you are in a rush for the answer–but watch from beginning to end if you want to feel uplifted and amazed at the courage and resilience of a young man who decided after several failed attempts, to not give up on his dream.)


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