3 Ways How Every Man Can Be Sexy


If a man chooses to, he can find his inner sex symbol. Here’s how.




You aren’t Chris Hemsworth. Or his brother Liam. You aren’t Bradley Cooper, nor are you Channing Tatum. You can’t even try to be Taye Diggs or imitate Shemar Moore. You, my dear friend, fellow male, are not a heartthrob.

And that’s OK.

Because neither am I. What I do have going on (from what I’ve been told) is my own kind of “sexy”. Long ago, I found my inner matinee idol, and life with women has been great for me ever since. I’m here to tell you, those in GMP land who need this, that you can unleash your inner sex god too (That line was maaaad cheesy, but I had to type it). Below are three ways, or three examples, of how to look at yourself, and accentuate what you do have in order to look better for women, social situations…and yourself.

Are you bald?: Serious question here. If you have flowing locks (I soooo hate you), this question isn’t for you. But, if, like me, you are follically challenged, here is the section you should read. My advice for men who are bald/balding?

Shave that shit.

Shave it now. Shave it today. Or, if you don’t want to go full cue ball, buzz cut it. Many men feel that because they have thin hair, they should not maintain it they way they once did when they had full hair. Not true. The turnoff from women who don’t like thin haired men isn’t the fact that the hair is thin, it’s that the thin hair isn’t styled in some way. And it can be styled. Check out Bruce Willis over the years. He rocked the thinning buzz cut like a boss. And as far as totally bald men who’ve sent women’s pulses racing? This is only the top of the list: Boris Kodjoe, Taye Diggs, Vin Diesel, Tyrese Gibson, the list goes on, my friends.

If you are a guy who’s comfortable with thinning hair as is, cool. But, if not, shave that shit.

Are you big, small, skinny, or hefty? : In other words, you don’t look like someone from central casting? Good. Awesome. Because, if you search, you can find the right clothing that fits your body type. There’s no need for self-body shaming. If you are a bigger man (due to weight, build, or both) there are big and tall stores if you need them. Heavier men can find clothes to complement their shapes. Guys who are really slim should find clothes that match their builds as well (I recommend spots like Banana Republic. I used to work there years ago. It was skinny guy heaven, as far as their clothes.). In short, take an honest look at your body type. DON’T WORRY about the chiseled guys who are rocking the shit out of their skinny t-shirt, skinny jeans…you get the picture. Find clothes that fit you, and rock the shit out of that.

Are you an alterna-culture guy? : What I mean is, are you a geek, or a nerd? Are you heavily into sci-fi, steampunk, or horror? Cool. Really cool. Because, you can use your love of Star Wars and…rock that shit. You can wear a Star Wars t-shirt, with a nice pair of jeans, and a blazer, and turn the right female (or male) heads. Ditto for your Lord Of The Rings t-shirt. Or Star Trek (full disclosure. I own a Captain Kirk yellow Starfleet Officer’s t-shirt, and I rock the shit out it with jeans and Timberland boots.). My point is, due to geek culture invading the mainstream, you can fly your freak flag and eat your style cake too in 2014. If it’s cold in your town, wear your Spider- Man baseball cap with a nice sweater, some beat up jeans, and some cool boots. Embrace your love of nerdom, and merge it with some fashion sense. If you want to do this, it can/will work wonders in social settings with women (and men) who are attracted to the same things you are…and maybe even a few who aren’t.

Find that inner rock star. Unless, you already are.


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  1. Madeira says:

    Skinny guys can rock skinny everything, cause… well Bowie.

  2. Minor point: Central Casting is the name of a company, it’s not a generic term. Weird, right? Good stuff otherwise, there is nothing vain about making an effort.

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