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Why what we are doing here is so important.

The meaning of manhood in the 21st century is evolving quickly.

Madison Avenue rarely gets manhood right. Not even close.

Boys need to know it’s okay not to be macho.

There is enormous pressure on men to be successful. And sometimes that pressure breaks us.

The definition of a “family man” is different than it used to be. Present, conscious, engaged dads are everywhere. You just need to know where to look.

There is not a reason in the world for gay, bi and transgender men to be marginalized. They need a place to be heard, loved and respected—and that place is called “in everyday life.”

Can you name another men’s media company that does not portray a stereotyped view of men today?

Men have feelings. The fact that we even have to say this speaks for itself.

Too many stay-at-home dads are still seen as caring for their children full time because they are slackers or had no choice in the matter. Choosing to raise your kids and be and engaged and present dad is every bit as valuable as being a financial provider.

Women want to know what men are REALLY thinking. (And millions of them come to The Good Men Project to find out.)

Having the most toys at the end of the day is a false God we as men too often worship with catastrophic results.

Cuddling doesn’t just mean we want sex. Sometimes we just want to cuddle.

We are not our fathers. They grew up in a different generation, when even the definition of the word “good” was different.

Paternity leave (and family leave) is close to non-existent, but could be a game changer for men who want to be present for their families when their families need them most.

Sports are still something we love and cherish (okay and drinking beer too). Or not. Manhood can be defined however we want it.

Men and boys are raped every day. Only recently has that even been acknowledged.

Too many boys are still bullied to try to get them to fit into the “man-box”.

2 million men are in prison in the US alone. What is the plan for them? And why does prison disproportionately affect men?

The Civil Rights Movement isn’t over.

Death of a loved one we men rarely talk about but always think about. Let us talk about the hard stuff, openly. Let’s not shame men for what makes us sad.

500k of our best and brightest men suffer from service related PTSD and traumatic brain damage from fighting in wars.

It is estimated that 8% of the population will suffer from PTSD at some point in their lives. And yet men are still being told to ‘man up’.

We eat stereotypes for lunch around here.

Men really want to know how to make women happy (in bed and in life). Or how to make other men happy. Or both.

Too many boys learn about sex from pornography.

Addiction to booze, drugs, sex, gambling is robbing us of our male souls. Once again, we often don’t talk about this until it is too late.

That said, it’s never too late to learn from our mistakes as men. As long as we don’t kill ourselves in the process of making them.

You can learn by hearing the stories of those who have fallen and pulled themselves up from poverty, prison, and horrific turns of fate.

The world is changing almost faster than we can process it. We need a place to talk about this change as a community.

This isn’t the “end” of men, it’s the start of a new manhood in which we have the chance to be better individuals, fathers, husbands and humans.

Reading one story on The Good Men Project might just change your life.


We are thankful for your support of our mission and vision. We hope you decide to become a deeper part of the community and help us continue the conversation.

What are the 5 extra bonuses that you get by becoming an Annual Gold Premium Member?

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5) Receive a free copy of the original Good Men Project anthology. And free access to e-books as they are rolled out.

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