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Why what we are doing here is so important.

The meaning of manhood is evolving quickly.
Madison Avenue rarely gets manhood even close to right.
Our boys need to know it’s okay not to be macho.
Sports is still something we love and cherish (okay and drinking beer too).
Art is important–it’s inspires, informs, and stretches the boundaries of what we think is possible as men.
Miracles happen each and every day if we just look closely enough.
Having a penis does not disqualify us as men from also having a brain and a heart.
Too many boys are still bullied.
Paternity leave is close to non-existent.
Maxim, GQ, and Men’s Health are stereotyped views of men today.
Too many boys learn about sex from pornography.
Sexual slavery is alive and well.
Men have feelings.
Men and boys are raped every day.
The real male heroes are rarely heard from.
Women want to know what men are REALLY thinking.
Having the most toys at the end of the day is a false God we as men too often worship with catastrophic results.
Cuddling doesn’t just mean we want sex.Gay, bi and transgender men need a place to be heard, loved and respected.
Too many stay at home dads are still discriminated against.
2 million men are in prison in the US.
The Civil Rights Movement isn’t over.
Death of a loved one we rarely talk about but always think about.
500k of our best and brightest men suffer from service related PTSD and traumatic brain damage.
We want our fathers to know how much we love them.
Men really want to know how to make women happy (in bed and in life).
Addiction to booze, drugs, sex, gambling are robbing us of our male souls.
It’s never too late to learn from our mistakes as men.
Listen to those who have fallen and pulled themselves up from poverty, prison, and horrific turns of fate.
This isn’t the “end” of men, it’s the start of a new manhood in which we have the chance to be better fathers and husbands.
Reading one story on The Good Men Project might just change your life.
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  1. NeverQuiet says:

    Love this site, however may i ask why (it’s extremely frustrating an pointless) the GMP pages refresh on their own , especially when i am in the middle of typing a long comment, which , surprise, it gets deleted and i have to start over? There is 0 point to this and makes my blood boil. Please make it stop!!!!!


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