4 Workout Tips for Better Sex

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  1. I like to work out and lift weights, and my favorite body parts to train are legs and back. Because both are big muscle and muscles that show strength. Big wide back and muscular legs shows brute strength, and to build legs and back, you need to do squats and deadlifts, two most deadliest ( and most exhausting!! ) exercises.

    But although I’m proud with my back and quads, my gf seems to only notice my arms ( especially biceps) and abs when were having sex lol. She likes my arms so much, and always said my arms are sexy, but she like didnt notice my latissimus dorsi and quadriceps at all, lol.

    I think men arms to women are like women boobs to men . And luckily its the easiest muscle groups to build ( only need some curls and press, easy compare to squats and deads )

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