A Lesson on Manhood Courtesy of a Special Olympian

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About Mark Radcliffe

Mark Radcliffe is a writer living in New York City. He has a weakness for bourbon, jazz and girls who can drive stick. You can read more of his essays here: www.theradcliffescrolls.tumblr.com and http://markradcliffe.com.


  1. awesome, compassionate, articulate. Great story, thank you for posting this.

  2. What’s with all the scare quotes around every word?
    “Teach,” “student,” “athletes.”
    Got it. He’s not a real athlete because he has a disability, and as someone with a disability, you couldn’t possibly teach him anything, so he’s not a real student, either.
    Get it? He has a disability, so none of his achievements are real!

    • Please, lighten up. He is describing his first effort at working with a person with a disability, at which time he was fourteen. You have to understand and forgive a little bit of immaturity. Compassion should be appreciated, no matter if it fumbles with the right words or punctuation.

  3. This was phenomenal. Thank you!

  4. Mervyn Kaufman says:

    A beautiful story, beautifully—and courageously—told.

  5. Great story, teared me up,I have a handi-capped boy much like Carl, and yes you made him very, very happy with your bravery. Everyone needs to spend time with the Special Olympics, You will not believe what you you will learn about yourself.

  6. Erik Proulx says:

    Great story Mark. I did a little volunteering at the Special Olymlics during college and Deepsky is right. What I learned about myself far exceeded anything I could teach. Those kids are there having an amazing experience, regardless of internal or external conditions. As should we all.

  7. Stephen Curry says:

    Really nice story, my friend. Glad I finally got to read it.

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