A Phoenix Rising

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About Lili Bee

Lili Bee is the founder of an online Resource Center for Partners of porn/Sex Addicts at PoSARC.com An ordained Interfaith/ Interspiritual Minister, she offers spiritual counseling as well as writing and officiating at weddings and other rites of passages. She is a member of Spiritual Directors International. Contact her via email at [email protected], follow her on Twitter, or visit her blog.


  1. Lili – thank’s for sharing Brad’s story with us. It is a story of grace and resurrection. Just think, if you had not taken the opportunuty to comment on his necklace, you might never have known Brad’s story, and neither would I. Thank you.

  2. This a beautifully-told piece of a most inspiring person. I admire that Brad has trancended his addictions. Most notably, I found myself almost envious of Brad’s ability to find a connection with a god that he was taught found him an abomination. That is remarkable.
    The most human reaction to another’s contempt/disgust is avoidance. Yet, Brad sought relationship with such an entity. (And for the non-believers, a notion is an entity. Humans have an astounding ability to relate to any entity)
    Lili, I would like a sequel about that process. How did Brad create a relationship with an entity that he believed despised him so intensely? What happened in that story? For a lot of us in various avoidances of the comtempt and disgust of others, there is a beacon of hope in Brad’s relational mastery.

  3. Thank you both, Brad and Lili, for bringing this message to light. I’ve faced similar difficulties with defining God. And that has also interfered with my assorted interactions with 12 Step groups. I’ve felt more harmonized with the Native American’s definition of the Great Spirit that is within all things. I know that Great Spirit is essentially the same as God but without a deity attached. When God is expressed publicly there is often deity attached and my internal editor has a hard time keeping up, rearranging the words so that they resonate with me. Brad explained, with poignant clarity, his release of shame, and the opening to his Spirit when this reconnection occurred. Thank you.

  4. I once heard a sermon in which the priest preached that “A saint is a sinner who came back.” I think Brad’s quote that “sin is nothing but the opportunity to choose again” says the same thing differently, and perhaps even better.

    P.S. – Thank you, thank you, thank you, Lili Bee, for that lovely word “numinous”.

  5. I so appreciate the sharing of transformational journey’s from what I can only call “Grace”. As a previous 12 stepper, I remember thinking of God as an entity outside myself for a while and that actually worked to have a loving parent watching over me and loving me. But as my awareness and experience of God has grown, I have found God not only in ME, but in everyone else. We are ALL part of God, or “Sons of God” (A Course in Miracles uses this term). It’s not an entity, it is me. It’s not out there, but a part of everything. When enough of us Really get that we ARE GOD, then perhaps the Love that we are will be enough for us ALL to Wake up to that!
    Happy Loving!

  6. Teresita Cuadrado. says:

    That was a beautiful interview and the photos were heart felt. Thank you, Brad for sharing your life experiences with us. I wish you much continued success!


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