Man Decides To Follow Son On His Daily Walk, Finds Him Feeding Stray Dogs (Photos)


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A young boy named Ken, who lives in a rural section of the Philippines, has practically achieved sainthood. Every day for two weeks Ken left home for a walk, always returning home within the hour.

Confused about his son’s new found passion for walking the neighborhood, Ken’s father decided to joined in for one of the strolls.

Ken’s father discovered that his son had befriended several stray dogs in the area; Blackie, Brownie, and a white puppy.

Blackie appears to be the mother of the two pups, and Ken earned the animals’ trust by providing them with scraps from the family kitchen and petting them. Ken even taught the dogs to shake hands!

The dogs are infected with mange, a skin condition caused by parasites, which is both highly contagious to furry animals and easily treatable.

Ken has created a website, happyanimalsclub, to publicize what he is doing and to help raise money to treat, feed, and find homes for these stray dogs.

Check it out and consider contributing.


















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