An Open Letter to Yankee Fans

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CJ Kaplan is an EMMY® Award winning freelance writer living in the Boston area. His first book, Jews Clues: You're Doing It All Wrong, is available now. You can see samples of all his work at Contact [email protected]


  1. Nice, CJ. Schadenfreude at it’s best.

    We have to enjoy the moment, because the 27 rings chatter will die down as soon as the Yankees spend 100 million to have A-Rod play for the Marlins, and another 135 million to bring Josh Hamilton in to play right field.

    Baseball is a game of numbers.

  2. PursuitAce says:

    Lose with grace, lose without grace, lose anyway you want as long as you just LOSE…. yuh damn Yankees, you.

    I enjoy watching the Yankees lose more than I enjoy watching any other team win.

  3. I’m a Yankee fan. 2012 was the best season I can remember.

    My definition of a great season is clinching the the pennant beating the Red Sox with the Sox spending most of the season, and finishing the season in LAST place.

    Winning the World Series would just have been icing on the cake.

  4. I’m a Red Sox fan living in Northern Nj. The season was miserable but it was made all better when mighty Miggie took CC yard! Listening to Boomer and Carton and The Michael Kay show was awesome that next day! How many days until pitchers and catchers.

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