An Opportunity to Say Good-Bye: An Amherst Student Responds to a Suicide

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  1. I was so saddened to hear of Trey’s young death. It has opened up very deep wounds for me. My son committed suicide in 1995. He had gone off to UCLA and I remember how he told his Dad and I that he had befriended a football player in one of his classes. He always wanted to have friends and his one friend from high school abandoned him after school started. He felt so alone. Since he was smart the football player started asking him to take notes for him and then asked him to do his homework. He finally refused and that started the harassing phone calls at the dorm. Then his life was threatened and he reported it but I really don’t think they took him seriously. He was afraid to go out of his room for fear someone would beat him up or worse. He stopped eating and we had to bring him home the end of October and he dropped out of UCLA. Months went by and he never recovered. He just went into a downward spiral. On March 23, l995 he took his own life. I wonder to this day, “what if things had been different and he had gotten the help he needed.” A Loving Mother Rest in peace Trey Malone – I too hope you found the peace you were looking for.


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