Behind ‘The Fighter’ With Filmmaker Keith Dorrington

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Boston native Nick Lehr is a recent graduate of Stanford University, where he earned a degree in American Studies, with a minor Creative Writing. While his fellow students concerned themselves with theses and campus activities, Nick concentrated on his one true passion: Guitar Hero. The hard work paid off; in February 2007, he was crowned campus-wide champion, winning a $100 gift certificate.


  1. Natasha Barton says:

    Hmmmm. What about his long suffering wife, eh? I wanna see The Film where she wins. from London. X

  2. Tom Matlack says:

    Nick what an amazing piece. Thank you. It hits home on so many levels for me. I just saw the film with my wife and son Seamus (it was his third time, he got thrown out a couple times as well with his buddies because they tried to sneak into the R rated film). I love the back story being really about the hand of AA and addicts being a big part of how this film even got made and the way it was Keith’s endurance and courage along with Micky and Dicky’s that brought forth such a powerful statement about how redemption and fundamental change is possible for us as men. The most powerful scene in the movie, to me, was when Dicky had to watch the coke HBO special in prison and it gets to the point where he sees himself, really sees it, for the first time. He tries to shut the TV off and gets in a fight with the other inmates. He leaves the room and walks out to a dark hall and falls to his knees in the pain of realization. I have been there. It’s a bitch. But it’s also the moment where everything changes. It’s the moment of hope as well as anguish. If that hadn’t happened in real life, Micky wouldn’t have won the championship and there would have never been such an amazing film.

  3. I went to high school with Keith Dorrington. The entire town of Billerica is extremely happy for, and proud of, him. The Fighter is a story that needed to be told and Keith was it’s driving force. Congratulations Keith!

  4. chills. there’s so much here. from the balls it took for Keith to go the non-safe rout, to Dickey’s redemption, to the love between Dickey and Micky, to the “hollywood ending.”

    great questions. great answers. great story. great interview.

    well done, indeed.

  5. I went to college with Keith. Great to hear he is doing so well. Great story Keithy

  6. Love the interview, very insightful and revealing about the sacrafices that were made regarding not only the film, but the passion that was behind it.

    KUDO’S to Keith to a job very well done!

    We can’t wait that long for your next project, so when and what is it??????

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