Being Guided By Our Babies Onto the Hidden Paths of Confidence

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GMP Senior Editor Mark Greene is an Emmy Award winning animator and designer. He blogs and speaks on Men's Issues at the intersection of society, politics, relationships and parenting for the Good Men Project, HLN, Talking Cranes, The Shriver Report, The Huffington Post, Mamamia and Role Reboot. You can follow him on Twitter @megaSAHD and Google.
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  1. Matthew Salesses says:

    Thank you for writing this, Mark.

  2. This was beautiful Mark. God I remember my older one having croup, the steamy bedroom, that bizarre resonant cough like a horny seal…

    Thank heavens we’re past that stage now. And the chicken pox – that was fun.

    Just need to get shot of the earache, the tonsilitis, the glandular fever, the flu, the broken limbs and the adolescent broken hearts and then maybe I can get back to my life again. Schedule that in for sometime around 2030. Great being a dad.

  3. What a beautiful meditation on this part of parenting, Mark.
    When the croup came, it was only my husband who could remain calm. He and his brothers had the croup — he wasn’t afraid, although I was terrified. She had it every year from 4-6, at almost the same exact time (dead of January) and once, he was away. I knew better, I did the steam thing and the cold porch thing, when that didn’t work. But I couldn’t stay calm and neither could she. So, off to the ER we went. (And don’t you know, it stopped in the car.)

  4. What a moving story, Mark!
    You touched me deeply with the bathroom scene where you looked your son in the eyes and calmed him down. I have a daughter who is now a beautiful pre-teen, but there was a moment, when she was a baby, her life was in jeopardy as she refused the breast milk. The midwife came and it turned out that our own anxiety was a big factor. By calming ourselves down and connecting to our baby-girl, we could get her to suckle again.
    Those who blame men for the mysery of the world, should read your piece and know that there is another side to us. You are really connected deeply with your son and the bathroom scene illustrates it. By showing this sensitive side to him, you have given him a sense of self-respect and entitlement. That is also what men can do!!
    Thanks for sharing,


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