“Call all people to quit being violent towards each other.”


This comment by Amy glass on the post No, That’s Not What Men Do

Your article calls on men to stop being aggressive towards women? How about a call to ALL people to quit being violent towards each other? Many women are violent towards males be it their sons or husbands/ boyfriends or just towards men in general. And how about calling for men to also quit being violent towards each other? Men are far more violent towards other men than towards women! 4 out of 5 people killed in the world are men- not women- despite the fact that all the calls are for violence towards women be reduced. In any war, innocent male civilians are far more likely to be massacred than women which is why most refugees are women. They are still alive and breathing hence have a chance to escape a war torn area.


Question of the Day:

Is it not time to put all humans in the same boat and demand we all stop the violence against everyone and anyone?


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  1. Mr Supertypo says:

    Yes finally something I can relate to, its tiresome to listen to the same rhetoric over and over again. There is nothing wrong with men, there is nothing wrong with women. But there are broken men and women outhere.
    Violence against men and violence against women goes hand in hand, to fix we need to look at both sides (who in reality is the same side). If I was a woman I would refuse to support campaign violence against women, but I would support campaing for violence against people, all people, not just somebody.

    Enough with this 1900 nonsence, we are in the new millennia we should do better than the past. So what are we waiting for? why focus exclusively on violence against women and children? maybe because somebody want men to be soldiers? that is my impression when politicians speak on these matters.
    Screw war, screw flawed campaigns. Lets focus on the important matters that is STOP VIOLENCE AGAINST ALL PEOPLE.


  2. Yes, violence is not a gender issue, but a human issue. Rape and incest are aspects of violence not gender issues. To curb sexual assaults of all kinds, we need to curb violence of all kinds. There is no “blaming the victim” if all are both victims and to blame. I am witness to how violence has become a mainstream entertainment venue and women/girls are encouraged by the media to be as “kickass” as men. We must become aware of the subconscious approval of violence that permeates our society through both genders and how all of us are both victims and perpetrators. Yes, most culturally sanctioned violence affects men, but most subsconscious violence is directed at women and children. Whether conscious (sanctioned) or unconscious (rape/incest), violence is far too prevalent and needs to be purged from modern society. No, it won’t happen overnight, but we need to start now!

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