Calling All Activists: Submissions Wanted!

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Cameron Conaway, Executive Editor at The Good Men Project, is a former MMA fighter and an award-winning poet. He is the author of Caged: Memoirs of a Cage-Fighting Poet, Bonemeal: Poems and Until You Make the Shore. Conaway is on the Editorial Board at Slavery Today. Follow him on Google+ and on Twitter: @CameronConaway.


  1. Cameron, a question. When you say Calling “All” Activists, do you really mean “All”?

    Specifically, articles by Men’s RIghts Activists have been unwelcome here for some months now.

    Please clarify. Thanks.

  2. Cameron Conaway says:

    Dear JustAMan,

    All means all, but selections will be made at my editorial discretion. Please send further queries as the post directs.



  3. I may have to go and lie down for a period – I’m evidently hallucinating. P^)

    I could swear that >a href=””>I just saw something on GMP that was radical and showed how Good Men can be found if you look at more than sex, masturbation, porn, orgasm, kink, gender politics, media trivia, sterotropes and the idea that all males under the age of 40 live in dorms, are wired into gaming systems in some evolutionary step akin to Cyborg and that they all have bed sheets that are so protein encrusted they can be used as armour plating. P^)

    √ √ √ √ – You my not think Guy McPherson is right, but he’s a Good Man who is asking questions and getting people to talk and think, rather than just be cowed and made subservient to other’s opinions, ideas and editorialised realities built upon a limited conception of what is good or male or good male or male good.

    “Even as the strings of a lute are alone…they quiver with the same music.” – Kahlil Gibran.

    The idea that highly strung men could all quiver in unison and create a tune – and even be Harmonious! √ √ √ √

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