Can Men Tell The Truth About Sex?

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  1. @David May: While I’m not gay, looking from the outside in, I think you are right, in general, that gay men are in a different universe when it comes to comfort and accessibility in discussing sex. The biggest issue that prevents straight folks from getting there is dishonesty, fueled by many different cultural sources, that prevent men and women from really getting what they want and need. I must say that gay men like Dan Savage, who, I think, goes out of his way to condemn straight men while patronizing straight women, don’t help. For instance, he will will rip straight men for DV but takes it easy on lesbians for doing the same thing. i am not saying that Mr. Savages comments are your responsibility.but gay men can jump on the bash straight guy band wagon awfully easily. My point is that these conversations, though they may happen in different cultural vacuums, what one part of society says or thinks about another can have powerful consequences, The NAACP’s public acceptance (long overdue) of gay marriage as a civil rights issue made a difference in how some perceived the issue.

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