From MMA Fighter to Poet and Social Justice Advocate

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Cameron Conaway talks about going from mixed martial arts to poetry and social justice, and shares key lessons about manhood that he learned along the way.

As an Executive Editor at The Good Men Project, Cameron Conaway is no stranger to questioning what it means to be a male figure in society. After getting into and even competing in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) while still in his teens, he eventually made a life shift that gave him a unique insight into the cultural expectations around what it means to be a man. I got a chance to interview him about his incredible journey from professional MMA fighter to poet and social justice advocate. He shares his insights, challenges growing up with an abusive father, and tries to answer the question at the heart of The Good Men Project, “What does it mean to be a good man?”

In this interview Cameron shares:

  • How the adult section of a video store introduced him to MMA fighting
  • What it was like to fight professionally
  • How he transitioned to poetry and social justice
  • How reporting on child labor and human trafficking started his journalism career
  • What he thinks young males need most today

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