Hotel Maid Receives a $500 Tip

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  1. Seems sort of gross and exploitive.

    Why her? Because she is photogenic?

    Why the video production? Who does that serve? Young photogenic girl or the videomakers?

    Did you give charity today? Did you help someone out?

    • Keith Newhouse says:

      To Anon above, my thoughts on this are…
      1. You asked – “why her?” Well, why not? Who should it have been? Random kindness doesn’t have to be to your prescribed look.
      2. You asked – “why the video production?” Why not? It’s a cool reminder of what kindness can do. I’m a very kind person, I tip, I help strangers. But, sometimes at the end of the day, I’m exhausted from work. So, watching a video like this rejuvenates me, makes me smile, gets me emotional, and is a neat reminder that doing good just feels good. I’m glad it’s on video. I’ll watch it again.
      3. I did, and I do quite often when I can. I’ve been a recipient of charity. My house burned down and my sister was killed by a drunk driver all in the same year. It was horrific, but i can’t tell you how many people were so kind, helped out, etc. It really helped me. I know that sometimes big things help, but sometimes little things do, too.

      This didn’t seem the least bit gross or exploitative to me. It seemed like a good deed, and someone who was quite appreciative of it.

  2. This is just too contrived. I call fake.

  3. janedoenut says:

    Whilst a nice act of kindness, I found the exploit offensive.

  4. I thought this was lovely. The money clearly meant a lot to her. I understand the criticism, because attractive younger people have more avenues to find help than unattractive, sick, older people do. But that doesn’t mean they don’t need help. This is an inspiring series. Please keep up your kind, generous work.

  5. The person who said why her, wishes it was them, maybe someday after forgiving yourself.

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