My Cousin: The “U-Boat” Who Survived Nazi Horrors

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About Warren Blumenfeld

Warren J. Blumenfeld, College of Education, University of Massachusetts, Amherst. He is author of Warren’s Words: Smart Commentary on Social Justice (Purple Press); editor of Homophobia: How We All Pay the Price (Beacon Press), and co-editor of Readings for Diversity and Social Justice (Routledge) and Investigating Christian Privilege and Religious Oppression in the United States (Sense).


  1. Condolences.
    May the memory of the righteous be a blessing.

  2. Your articles about The Holocaust and your family, I always find deeply moving.

    It is important that these personal testimonies are passed on into the minds of each young generation.
    So that what happened does not become history of another age, but living-history with an emotional resonance upon each new generation.

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