Daddy’s Gunslinging Daughter

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About Ina Chadwick

Ina Chadwick grew up in a highly controversial family structure, one where her father, a union leader who was never home, warned the children to “never tell tales out of school.” She had no idea what that meant, but her father’s union’s transcripts during the McCarthy era are up in her attic. She was too young to tell tales at that time. Now, years later, the tales are flooding back into her memory. And she can truthfully say that she is willing to tell them in her own way, and that every man she has ever flipped for has has some sort of addiction problem, just like her Dad, whom she worshiped. Visit her website.


  1. Terrific piece.

  2. Wonderfully written, you really drew me in. So good.

  3. This has to be a movie. This piece and its predecessor paint a painfully vivid picture. Keep it up Ina!

  4. Diane Effros says:

    Boy Oh Boy can this lady write!

  5. Jeff Klein says:

    Thanks for sharing those memories, Ina. For a petite one, you sure have a mighty pen.
    Miss you.


    • Funny thing, Jeff. You knew me then. Did we ever know the significance of the things we did. We were more interested in filling our lungs with helium from balloons and scaring the birds off their perches in the apiaries at Central Park Zoo. Those were meaningful capers!

  6. Christine Pakkala says:

    A beautifully written essay. I loved the contrast of high heels and hunting–both tools to attract the attention of her distracted father. The insight at the ending took my breath away.

  7. Fathers. Their ability to make us weep, no matter what we do, is captured so well in this piece. As is the incredible misogyny which was so prevalent then. But a writer who can bring these feelings to life is providing a way for others to understand their own relationship with their father.

  8. wow…….so well written, captivating, sad and soul bearing.
    Great work.

  9. No fat, no filler. Good, clean writing. Thank you!


  1. albert says:


    excelent post, keep it coming…

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