Dear Brother

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About Jacob Tucker

Jacob Tucker is a freelance writer, researcher, sports fan, foodie, musician, fitness & health nut, bookworm, husband, and believer. You can find him on twitter and facebook. He is still deciding what to do when he grows up.


  1. Bravo. »applause«

  2. That’s beautiful.

  3. Wow JT…you and your brother are mutually blessed. I’m truly envious. Thank you for allowing me to see what its like to have a brother like the two of you. Seriously! This was pure Gold!!

  4. My God–this is one of the most beautiful and moving pieces I’ve ever read. I am “on the spectrum”, though most people wouldn’t know it without getting to know me well. I have just enough insight into what it’s like to be on the spectrum to have a taste of both worlds–that of autism and that of the “neurotypical”. It’s a very precarious and liminal space to inhabit, but it’s what I’m called to be. You, Mr. Tucker, are another very special and indispensable type of ally for the autism spectrum community, including people at all points on the spectrum. Thank you so much.

  5. I grew up with Joel, from day one in Kindergarten. It’s crazy to think we’re all growing up and sometimes I reflect back on the fact that I wouldn’t be who I am now without his friendship. He introduced me to reading and spelling – it was always a game to see which of us could do better on those spelling tests! – and such things have stuck with me to this day. It’s a funny realization, when it hits you, how the small acts of a person society would be so quick to dismiss can change your life forever. A small act indeed but I thank him for it. To those that know of someone on the spectrum of any disability, be it mental or physical or emotional, take the time to know them. They’ll change your life for the better when you’re least expecting it.

    This was a beautifully written letter. I am certain without a doubt he will appreciate it fully.

  6. Tim Allred says:

    Dude, I think my eyes are sweating…

  7. Corey Ash says:

    So proud to see the men that both of you have become!
    It has been my privilege!

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