Depression—My Story

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About Andrew Lawes

Having dealt with depression since childhood, Andrew Lawes writes passionately and honestly on the subject of mental health issues in the hopes that he can make a difference in the lives of others with similar struggles. Hailing from Northern England, he is currently a support worker for adults with learning difficulties. In addition to his social work, Andrew is pursuing a degree in English with the Open University of England. Find him on Facebook, Twitter @laweslaweslawes, and Or email him at [email protected].


  1. John Smith says:

    Thank you for sharing. Hopefully others will be helped by what you have said.

    My wife suffered from mental health problems (and still dose to some extent). Doctors never seem to understand much about it. For example Fluoxetine made her feel ill, violently sick and totally ditched. When going to talk about this to the doctor she way told “well it works for everyone else”. Eventually she managed to convince them to try something else. In the end she found Citalopram worked the best for her. With mental health unfortunately so often the patient has difficulty explaining what is wrong and standing up to a doctor and saying “this is not working”. They think that it is them, not the medication or the doctor, that is wrong. You have to try and be firm with them, or have someone who can be an advocate for you.

    The second thing I would like to add for anyone reading this who has a mental health problem, the hardest bit for anyone trying to help you is not the direct causes, the pain, the sadness, the fear, it is the hiding the illness and the lieing. When someone close to you asks you if your ok tell them. Don’t hide it, it will only burst out. I specifically didn’t say “someone who loves you” because I know when you feel like this is is difficult to beleave anyone loves you, and nothing anyone says can change your mind sometimes, but you know who is trying to look after you. Please, just try to accept there help and not bite there hear off when they try even if you feel anger and feel like snapping.

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