Disability Is About ‘The Other’ Until it Isn’t: A Kickstarter for All

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About Gary Dietz

You can download sample essays and poems from Gary's latest book Dads of Disability:  Stories For, By, and About Fathers of Children That Experience Disability (and the Women Who Love Them) at http://blog.dadsofdisability.com/latest-sample-selections-from-the-book-now-available/
Gary Dietz is a father of a 14 year old warm, funny, and challenging boy that happens to have a rare genetic disorder (a 13q deletion). He experiences a number of developmental, intellectual, physical, and behavioral challenges. Gary is an entrepreneur and educational technology marketing professional since 1997. He has a BA in Writing from the State University of New York (SUNY) at Potsdam.  Follow him on Twitter at @garymdietz and like his Facebook group athttp://www.facebook.com/dadsofdisability


  1. 22% funded after 72 hours. Thanks Good Men! Help me (us!) reach this goal so the book can help Dads and families of all stripes.

  2. Just an update – The crowdsourcing project has moved to Indiegogo and pre-order bundles are available for pledging. See http://www.dadsofdisability.com/igg Thanks! – Gary

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