The Myth of “Tomorrow”

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About Dale Thomas Vaughn

After a decade of leading more than 150 award-winning men’s workshops, Dale has fine-tuned a 5 step program that has transformed entire communities of men who are looking for a team, a clear direction, and a chance to connect and mentor other men while having fun in the process. As seen on CNN Live, CBS “Texans With Character,” and in the LA Weekly, Dale has been proclaimed as “a man of quality and one of the leaders of men of quality” by best-selling author and top feminist attorney Gloria Allred. In addition to founding The EmpowerMentorship Institute, Dale also works with universities and fraternities to prevent sexual assault on campus. Reach Dale at or


  1. Tom Brechlin says:

    Dale, I liked it and believe in what you said. A line from one of my favorite movies goes like this “Life is a banquet and most poor suckers are starving to death. “ And it’s true. Years ago on the corporate world, I was involved in a lot of training programs and some of these programs involved helping staff to broaden their capabilities. I distinctly remember one program that introduced a study that identified the number of people who live in the last, the proverbial coulda, woulda, shoulda. The truth is ya can’t change the past so why let it interfere with your life now? Then, if I recall there was an equally high number of people who live in the future. “I’m going to do this and that and when I’m X age, I’m gonna ….” But the reality is that there is no guarantee that any of us will have a future. I could pull out of my driveway and be T-boned by a garbage truck and die. Then finally the study identified that a small percent of people live for the now.

    Sad to see so many people just existing in life and not seeing the opportunities they have right now. Personally I wasn’t too sad that the economy fell the way it did. Brought some people to a point that they could start to live life and be excited about the more simple things. My grandsons have given me a gift to again see life through young, uninhibited eyes of a child.

    I suppose it’s easier said then done but I can tell ya, I’ve done some things in my later years that I scratch my head thinking “why did I wait so long?”

  2. Tom Brechlin says:

    Oh, before I forget, My dad was a major influence to my living life more for today. He was a hard worker all of his life and although he had a lot of good times with vacations and all, his dream was a road trip with my mom to Alaska. He planned it for years. He died within weeks of the trip, as he was working on the camping trailer, preparing it for that trip.

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