Dumb boy face

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About Snake Bloomstrand

Snake Bloomstrand is a well known and respected workshop facilitator. A passion to learn the ways in which men mature led Snake to spend the the last twenty five years facilitating, coaching and learning from wise men across the globe. He now lives in Minnesota is married, and a Father/Stepfather/Grandfather.
He began writing of his travels and the men he's admired after a near fatal illness. Now fully recovered and in his 60's he intends to tell the stories of men who had a significant impact on his own life.


  1. I don't know says:

    The “tendency to ‘check out’ or go unconscious” is called dissociative disorder.

  2. This is AWESOME!!!! Great piece, Snake! Thanks!

  3. “I’ve known men who insist on wearing the dumb man face throughout a lifetime, angrily making excuses or justifying their actions….”

    So true….it makes me sad to see this in real life….two close friends we had to unfriend because of the above…..it makes me wonder if we blinded ourselves to these fatal flaws in their characters….

    “They often reach the end of life full of regret and isolated….”

    This is also sad, but I think an inevitable consequence of their awful behavior and acting out…..

  4. So many anti-male articles on this website.

  5. It beats hell out of crying.

    • I don't know says:

      Really? Crying is that bad?

      • Crying isn’t so bad- I’m just down on it this week as a gambit…
        As in cry to try and get out of a traffic ticket.
        Cry because a man calls you on business mistakes….
        Crying as base manipulation…
        So yeah I’d rather see the dumb face.

        • Mike Templeton says:

          Good point. I’d like to see a brave woman write about the female mask/ruse used to avoid taking responsibility and being accountable. This piece is not anti-male as one commenter implied. Nor is what you wrote anti-female (I am inferring your examples were describing women). Mirrors are not inherently malicious, they merely reflect what’s there. Thank you, Snake, for holding this up for us to look into.

  6. Wisdom: The ability to learn from the past and use it to shape the future.
    Without personal accountability there is no wisdom.

    LOVE this!! Am sharing it.

  7. “What were you thinking?” and the tone in which it is asked are designed to shut people down. If you don’t want someone to pull dumb face on you, find a less pejorative and shaming way of communicating with them.

  8. I believe “The Face” is a shared feature of our humanity. Caught unaware of the consequence’s of our actions, who hasn’t felt shamed, embarrassed or a wide range of emotion? “The Face” may manifest on every face in a unique way but we all know what it feels like inside to slip it on. Emotional common ground so to speak, having less to do with gender and more to do with being human.

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