Escapism: The Komplicated Relationship Between #StarWars and Disney [@hannibaltabu]

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  1. Episode 7 better be ma/R rated and have the true power of Jedi n Sith. Nothing worse than watered down violence trying to be a kids movie, either go hard or go home. Vader is powerful enough to crush peoples bodies, yet they don’t show it even though he’s meant to be quite evil. The force unleashed games show appropriate levels of power for badass sith like Vader should be.

  2. Well, Disney’s not well known for hard core violence, despite what many of us believe a Sith should be capable of (and Force Unleashed really brought the pain — the man threw a Star Destroyer at somebody). They are in the business of selling stuff — shirts, toys, and so on — and that’s normally done by staying in the middle lane.

    • That’s what scares me, how do you show the power of a sith/jedi with a pg13 rating? It’s so watered down it’s annoying, and they don’t feel evil at all. At least the Clone wars showed their power better but was still quite watered down.

  3. QuantumInc says:

    Star Wars has engendered a “for Kids” with Lucas at the helm, being given to Disney certainly cements that perception. “…to see Star Wars passed from one generation to the next,” said Lucas, he meant your kids will enjoy this more than you. Still you could conceivably fit a more interesting plot line in there, just have to balance it with the need to make it accessible to kids. This is a universe where the Light Side and the Dark Side are physical constants just like gravity, so we cannot expect a lot of plot lines centering around moral ambiguity. While a Sith could crush a man’s body injecting violence into Star Wars seems pretty pointless unless it’s part of a meaningful plot point.

    • He crushed someones throat as a plot piece, it showed how scary they are. In the game video you see Star Killer crushing an AT-ST up, that definitely should be in the movies. Their strength with the force looks absolutely miniscule n pathetic in the movie. They showed people being dismembered so I can’t see why a crushed skull would be worse. If you’re gonna show a character as powerful and evil, show it properly. :P

  4. Richard Aubrey says:

    Perhaps it’s the approaching 67% increase in cap gains taxes that concentrated the minds of some folks.

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