Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Addiction

From crack to sex, from distraction to redemption, we take you on a guided tour of addiction and manhood in America. Enjoy the (bumpy) ride.

Well, maybe not everything. But if this special package doesn’t satisfy your jones for thoughtful stories, captivating interviews, and spirited dialogue about men and addiction, you might want to consider treatment.

But seriously,

We try to figure out, Why are we so terrible at treating addiction?

We ask men, What are you addicted to?

We ask ourselves, Why are men so prone to addiction?

We go Man-to-Man with Dr. Drew.

We debate sex addiction.

We break down the Twelve Steps, dummies style.

We search for a magic bullet.

We pick the 10 addiction movies you really need to see.

We wonder if addicts should come out of the closet(you know, like gay people).

We take you to In the Rooms, the Facebook for addicts.

We introduce you to seniors on crack.

We film our favorite philosophizing bluesman, Todd Mauldin, as he tries to communicate with Earth people (ie, non-addicts)

We take you inside the world of celebrities and their “sober coaches.”

We get hooked on distraction.

We crash and learn.

We learn about the higher power of buttons.

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