Fight Fire With Tears

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Alyssa is freelance writer, speaker and sex-educator living in Seattle with her husband and their 3 daughters. She is the former host of Sexxx Talk Radio on The Progressive Radio Network and is the co-founder of, a site dedicated to empowered women's sexuality. She can also be found on her eponymous blog, where she pontificates about food, family, politics and the Seattle rain. Yes, she would love to speak at your event, host a workshop or write something for you. Just ask.


  1. Joanna Schroeder says:

    This picture guts me. Such strong, brave men. The emotion caught here is so real and so powerful.

  2. Alyssa Royse says:

    The photos kill me to, because it makes it really clear that they are just people. Of the plain old human variety. Those photos probably hang on someone’s wall, someone who says, “that’s my son,” or “that’s my husband” or “that’s my brother.” And then pauses to correct themselves, “was.” When I look at the pictures of Brady when he was a HotShot, I am reminded that he has lived this whole amazing life that has nothing to do with me. A life full of other people, who’s like he probably touched.

    The idea of all that being snuffed out is honestly too much to bear.

  3. Tom Brechlin says:

    The moment the news about these guys hit the media, my daughter phoned me. Her husband is a fireman and he wasn’t at the station so she phoned me. She just needed to talk. Granted, he’s not a Hot Shot but what I’ve found is that they are unique in many ways. A few years ago when I attended Pat’s graduation from the academy, I found that they have this amazing bond between them. I met his chief and all the other fireman and I have to tell you, it takes a very special person to be a fireman. It also takes a very special person to be the wife of a firemen as well. Of course situations like this triggers fears but we just k]live with them and pray.

    • Alyssa Royse says:

      Tom, you are right. I don’t think I really understood what “family” is until I was folded into the family of firefighters. They are indeed special. Thank you for knowing that. Sometimes, I just want the depth of their humanity acknowledged more than their brawn and bravery. And that the sacrifices they make are mirrored in their families. We all have to sacrifice in order for them to do what they do. Thank you for acknowledging that.

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