Firefighter Dads Sing Song from Frozen to Little Girl Trapped in Elevator [Video]

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Two Boston firefighters rescued a frightened little girl trapped in a elevator by singing Disney’s “Let It Go” until she was calm enough to climb out with her family.

This is a classic example of playful thinking in a tense situation. On March 19, a four-year-old girl needed to climb a ladder to get out of the stuck elevator and she was too scared to even attempt it.

Boston firefighter John Keough, a dad of three, began talking about Disney’s Frozen with the little girl. That triggered an idea for his partner Scott Myette, also a dad of young kids, who pulled out his iPhone and started playing music from the film. Within moments, the to two firefighter dads were singing a chorus.

The little girl Kaelyn calmed down and they were able to get her, her mother and little brother out of the malfunctioning elevator.

Breaking News: The Boston Globe is reporting that two Boston fire fighters lost their lives fighting a wind-whipped blaze in a Back-Bay apartment building yesterday. It is the other bookend to the story of how much these men and women do in service and sacrifice to their communities. 



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