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About Steven Axelrod

Steven Axelrod holds an MFA in writing from Vermont college and remains a member of the WGAw despite a long absence from Hollywood. A father of two, he lives on Nantucket, where he paints houses and writes novels, often at the same time, much to the annoyance of his customers.


  1. Tom Matlack says:

    Steven this is just an awesome piece of writing. I admit to starting to read in on my iPhone in traffic on Route 9 here in Boston (reader mode so the type was legible but barely) and getting so completely sucked in that I risked getting rear-ended, or killed, more than once. Women in cars were screaming at me for not paying attention. I wanted to scream back, “You gotta read this shit lady!”

    Seriously, I love your ability to transport with dialogue. The stuff in the plane is priceless. And I hate to admit it but I think you are not alone in having that addictive relationship that recurs year after year until one day you find someone to love who you can trust for more than a late night phone call to keep the fantasy going.

  2. 21cManhood says:

    Dude I am still trying to sort out how you convinced that guy to FLY you to a date with a woman destined to break your heart? That is what I call a friend.

    Truly remarkable story. Thank you.

  3. Lisa Hickey says:

    Steve, this is an amazing piece of writing, thank you. I am still laughing at your insight, how, afterwards, “every frustrating moment turned into a metaphor. Trying to climb the sand bluff at Surfside, slipping back on the soft sand with every step forward…”

    But that’s somehow testament to the way you wrote it so that your story became my story. No matter how many details are different, the points you’ve made are so universal, the connection between writer and reader so powerful. Even the way you wanted desperately to change the story at the end. Yes, how many times have I wanted to do that, re-write the stories that happen to me in such a way that *this time it will make sense.* But then, finding out that sometimes, just telling the story the way that it happened is a better path to acceptance.

    thanks so much.

  4. Fuckin-A. That is PhD level writing. I can identify and agree with most of your sentiments. It does come back…

  5. Wow, just an awesome piece of writing.

  6. “But the ecology of the truth was too delicate for such manipulations.” OMG, isn’t that the truth? Beautiful, beautiful story. Happy endings, in the cliched way, are overrated. Real life often won’t reduce itself to that.

  7. Thanks for the comments. For nyone who’s interested, or wants to read more about Sophie, I just posted the whole story (This is roughly the last quarter of it ) on my blog.

    If you liked the ending, go back to the beginning and see how it all began; I think it’s worth the trip

  8. “Some injuries never quite heal. Finally you just have to embrace them, you have to let them hobble you from time and to time, let them bind you to your past with the red webbing of pain, and walk on. The pain always goes away eventually.

    But it always comes back.”

    Oh my. Yes. This is the absolute truth.

  9. WOW! I’m blown away. Made me feel like you were telling a story about my life. Got me thinking I was there. Incredible work. And true to the fact that not all stories have happy endings. Unfortunately thats something that Hollywood never seems to go with.

  10. I really enjoyed the “whole story” from your blog as well, Steven. Why not submit it as an Amazon Single?

  11. Hal — That is a totally cool idea. I love that idea. How do you do that?

  12. Here ya go, Steven:

    One thing: Amazon says that material submitted must not be published anywhere else IN ITS ENTIRETY. So, you might want to pull the full story from your blog if you’re interested.

    Unlike “regular” ebook submissions to Amazon, Kindle Singles have to be approved by the editors. Then again, unlike “regular” ebook submissions, Amazon pays 70% royalties even if you choose to price your piece below $2.99 (Kindle titles other than Kindle Singles earn 35% if priced below $2.99.)

    I love The One That Got Away/Flying Weather, and it would be great to see you enter the ebook world. Ebooks are forever– no one jerks them off the shelves if they don’t sell right away.

  13. Thanks …
    Actually, this is one section of my divorce memoir, “The First Pancake Theory” for which I’ve definitely been mulling the e-book option. No big publisher wants a memoir by someone not famous who didn’t get molested or almost die from drugs or something. I’ll definitely check out the link …

  14. Just for the record …
    Amazon Singles rejected it . Oh well.

  15. Thanks … I hope to hear next week about the book.

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