Free Guns for Everyone: Printable Plastic Firearms

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  1. Brave new world. Also: plastic guns will go through metal detectors, undetected.

  2. I think it’s apt that right now, the quote of the day on Wikipedia is from Søren Kierkegaard who said, “Sin is in itself separation from the good, but despair over sin is separation a second time.” There are more people with better talent working on making printable organs.

    • Printable organs? That’s incredible! I haven’t heard of that until now–very cool.

      • Yeah, they were able to print a rat kidney and transplant it into a rat successfully. There are people also working on bionic ears that can hear a greater range than what we can naturally. Engineers have been able to make custom prosthetics for small children born with crippling diseases. So when I really look at this one guy and his gun, I don’t see how vile it is in concept, but how crude it is in design. Really, it’s tacky by comparison. So while there may be considerable darkness out there in the world, in this one technology, there are good people doing so much more. So I am not afraid.

  3. I have owned guns for a long time. I have made guns from many kinds of material. Let me share this: You guys are being punked by a 100% scam artist.
    No plastic material in existence can cope with even 25,000 pounds per square inch pressures: which is generated by a moderately powerful handgun cartridge. These fools like to show you an AR lookalike. In real life, ARs operate at around 60,000 PSI.
    This is BS squared. No more, no less.
    Oh by the way. It is pathetically easy to make a working gun out of metal. You know, that stuff that surrounds everyone in modern life.
    I must be incredibily idealistic to keep explaining this.

    • Actually- from what I’ve seen it is the lower receiver of an AR derivative that is in play in their movies..
      The liberator, as was the original is designed at a single use and ive no doubt it will fire a 380… 20 some years ago their were dual shot 40 cal firearms disguised as beepers…
      This plastic stuff is,essentially, zip gun technology… I could run the same gun up with a drill press, pipe, inner tube and a nail.
      Sooner, than later, low cost CNC mills & lathes will come to the market which will enable one to run up steel uppers and barrels. Now that will make it interesting…
      There is another issue at play here which is making me pause & ponder- you can’t have both Anonymous and WikiLeaks and stifle this technology…

    • Valter V says:

      @Rum: “This is BS squared”

      Yep, I thought the same.
      A “plastic” gun? Really, PLASTIC?
      It’s quite likely it would blow up in the holder’s hands… perhaps not on the first shot, but with several, yes.

      I think it’s far easier building a kind-of-a-gun with some metal pieces…
      but that would likely blow up in user hands as well, unless it’s made by someone with good know-how.

  4. AnonymousDog says:

    You do realize that, right now, it’s legal for adult non-felons to make guns (from metal) for their own private use, and that published blueprints are available to do so? The 3-d printing technology just makes it a bit easier, but probably not much cheaper.

    I think the author is searching for things to be alarmed about.

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