From Dork to Combat Killer in 14 Weeks

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About Matthew Crowder

Matt Crowder is a 33 year old divorced dad of a 7 year old daughter. Originally from Holland, Michigan, he is currently living in Northern New York where he has served in the U.S. Army for 10 years. He has deployed to both Iraq and Afghanistan, and is currently a Sergeant First Class tracking the strength management of over 20,000 Soldiers.


  1. Great Read! Thank you :0)

  2. i agree with liz, great read

  3. What an unusual story. Why did you want to be in the infantry so badly?

  4. Savage Magic says:

    Considering that nine out of ten casualties in modern combat are civilians, how are these men ‘heroes’?

    Believing in ideals of justice and freedom while you fire a 5.56 round into a mother, senior or child does not minimize the evil of such an action.

    Killing one enemy soldier does not redeem the slaughter of the other nine unarmed citizens who died uncounted and disregarded by the numerous Mr. Crowders.

    • Matt Crowder says:

      Thank you Savage Magic for sharing your opinion. You are obviously very passionate about it and that is commendable. I would be remiss though if I didn’t point out how you are sorely misinformed.

      First, American Soldiers, with the exception of a handful who have and are being prosecuted accordingly, do not intentionally “fire a 5.56 round into a mother, senior or child” In fact we are trained to do just the opposite, protect the innocent. This is a fact that our enemy uses against our Soldiers when they strap bombs onto innocent women, children, seniors and even the mentally handicapped and force them to get near our Soldiers only to be murdered at a distance when their homicide, not suicide, vests are detonated near our Soldiers and other local civilians as well. They know that we do what we can to protect these people which allows them to get close to us and they use this against us. I worked with an Officer who was killed in just this way as he attempted to pull a woman out of a burning car, which was the result of another suicide bomber, by another suicide bomber that was waiting until we arrived to help the civilians and provide them medical care.

      Secondly, your ratio of one enemy soldier that is killed does not redeem the slaughter of the other nine unarmed civilians” is also incredibly wrong. While there have been a large number of civilians that have been killed, the vast majority (in the 97-98% range) of them have been killed by the insurgent forces that we are there to fight, not at the hands of our Soldiers. With the exception of the few bad Soldiers who have committed the murder of civilians, the civilians that have died at our hands have been due to accidents, not intentional malicious acts.

      Of course I am sure than nothing of what I said above, while truthful and informed given the time that I have spent in Iraq and Afghanistan, will not sway your opinion I would still like to applaud you for being comfortable enough to share it. While I disagree with you it does give me more confidence that the work that myself and other members of the military are doing is working. Your freedom to express your opinions is a direct result of the sacrifices of the Soldiers past, present and future that you have chosen to speak out against.

      Thank you and have a nice day!
      God Bless America

  5. The Meme says “Dedicated Infantry Combat Killer”
    I doubt that was an accident.

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