God Nods at the Piano

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About Brian Bowers

Born and raised in Houston, Texas, self-published author and freelance writer Brian Bowers is a graduate of Oberlin College. After studying in Cairo, Egypt, Bowers was drawn to the idea of sustaining and unifying diverse cultures through all forms of creative expression.

With a title inspired by a line from Rabindranath Tagore’s Gitanjali Bowers’ first published work, Shadows Chasing Light, is a poetic narrative exploring a wide range of emotions and experiences. In addition to writing, the self-proclaimed ‘multi-medium’ artist is also a singer, pianist and amateur photographer. The author currently resides in Houston, but looks forward to exploring the world through art and creativity while broadening his knowledge of spirituality and the human experience. Visit Brian on the web at www.BrianBowers.co or follow him at twitter.com/iambrianbowers


  1. Great insight Brian!

    As a your average piano player/teacher, I experience more freedom when you can bypass the whole fingering/physical mechanism of performing arts and connect to the music directly, or even the composer directly. Say, you learned a piece of music SO WELL, that you actually forget the fingering/hand position/etc…, the physical side of things, but purely concentrate on the musical arts, that’s when you have this sheer joy, ecstasy, and freedom. It’s like the music just naturally goes and lives on without the slightest idea of “oops wrong finger”, “oops wrong notes” from the performer. Remember when you are a little boy and playing with your toy soldiers in your own world? That you feel you are almighty and you can create and destroy everything? That’s it!
    Yes music needs a heart of child, not naive, but innocence and curiosity to explore.

  2. This is an elegant piece of writing Brian, I’ve had that experience with music as well. There’s something about freedom through music that simultaneously allows you to become part of the sky while also strengthening your roots.

  3. Alan, thank you so much for posting your insightful response, from your perspective as a music educator and performer. That feeling of joy, ecstasy and freedom while ‘making music’ is definitely what we aim for. Nothing really replaces that feeling and I would say that is a good thing!

    Joe you highlight his ‘element of freedom’ in your thoughtful response as well. Through music and creative expression, I also find I am able to balance the ‘higher’ and the ‘lower’ in a way that leaves me feeling nourished and inspired! Thank you both for taking the time to share you thoughts and comment, I really appreciate it! Cheers to music, cheers to art!


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