A Love Story In 22 Pictures

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  1. This story really moved me more than you can realize. Since the advent of feminism I haven’t been able to trust women totally. This story has led me to possibly revaluate this.

    • Would you have stay with your Wife/Girlfriend if she had a tragic accident like this? I lot of people won’t men or women. This has nothing to do with being less feminist or more. This is LOVE. Maybe start believing in real LOVE and acceptance and stop blaming feminism for your own bad choices?

      That is the problem with relationships now days… We go into it expecting what others would be doing/ sacrificing for us, but we do not want to put the effort and sacrifice to make it work. It is all about what we can get and not bout what we can give…

      This story show us that some people are capable of real Love and acceptance…

      • Let’s get one thing straight right off the bat. I would give my life in a heartbeat for my wife, children and grand children AND be thankful for the opportunity to do so! This has NOTHING to do with Feminism, MRA’s or any of those twinks. This is ME and the way I feel down to my basic core!

    • Federica says:

      “Since the advent of black pride movements, I haven’t been able to trust black people totally.”
      “Since the advent of gay right activism, I haven’t been able to trust gay people totally.”



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