Hey, Skinny!

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About Matt Wetsel

Matt suffered from anorexia as an undergraduate in college and has been doing advocacy work with the Eating Disorders Coalition since 2007. He currently is a graduate student at Virginia Commonwealth University in the Department of Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies, with a special interest in how gender constructs influence body image and access to eating disorder treatment. Matt maintains his blog, …Until Eating Disorders Are No More and is also a monthly contributor to We Are the Real Deal. Follow him on Twitter at @TilEDsAreNoMore


  1. I once responded to a manager who greeted me with “hey, skinny!” with “hey, fatty!” She wasn’t happy and stated that skinny was a compliment. I said to me it obviously wasn’t, as I am someone who has always been on the lean side and have always sought to put on muscle mass.

    It was nothing about an eating disorder for me, but more of being called something that I have always had to put effort into staying away from.

  2. Thank you Matt for sharing! I’ve brought up the subject of boys/men and body image issues up and have sometimes been met with lack of concern. Besides anorexia, there’s muscle dysmorphia which can lead to abuse of steroids. Boys and men feel the same pressure to “look good” but we tend to dismiss the feact that weight is a concern for them and not just for health reasons.


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