In Defense of My Husband’s Gaming

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  1. What else can a man ask for?
    Gaming whenever he wants & an understanding wife.


    Keep rocking!

    • Well, not WHENEVER whenever he wants, otherwise we would never see each other, haha. He’s had to cut back a little, especially since our son came along. So there’s where we compromise.

  2. People NEED leisure time. Gaming, tv, movies, cars, whatever floats your boat! Gaming is not a kids activity, gaming is a human activity for all ages.

  3. Before another word is exchanged, I know the stereotype taking shape inside their heads: the lone, anti-social adult male gamer neglects his family and retreats into his man cave, spending exorbitant time and cash on a childish hobby.
    What a gamer that didn’t fit the often quoted stereotype? I am so glad you didn’t believe the hype and actually went out with the guy and made your own assessments based on your experiences with him rather than media generated imaged and other people’s experiences with other guys who have nothing in common with your guy besides being male and being a gamer.

  4. Yeah, I don’t get all the hatred on gaming. My husband and I are avid gamers, and our kids play too. We don’t have a lot of cash to go out to eat and stuff a lot, so we play world of warcraft, together. We both work, and spend time with our kids, and I’m also in school. We Take the kids places, and still go out and do things together as a family, we have found a happy medium. Also, I rock at wow and kick his toon’s ass. lol! Really though, we have fun playing and competing together, and after 14 years together, we still call each other names and goad one another on. From Tony Hawk to Mortal Kombat, nothing is off limits and we have a blast when we do get to actually play.

  5. I love being in the room, doing my own thing, while my boyfriend games. And gaming together can be an awesome experience :)

  6. Madeira says:

    My husband and I are both nerds, frankly I wouldn’t have married a dude who wasn’t into Michael Moorecock and didn’t enjoy a bit of skyrim

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