In Loving Memory of Matt Ryd, Musician & Eating Disorder Activist

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About Matt Wetsel

Matt suffered from anorexia as an undergraduate in college and has been doing advocacy work with the Eating Disorders Coalition since 2007. He currently is a graduate student at Virginia Commonwealth University in the Department of Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies, with a special interest in how gender constructs influence body image and access to eating disorder treatment. Matt maintains his blog, …Until Eating Disorders Are No More and is also a monthly contributor to We Are the Real Deal. Follow him on Twitter at @TilEDsAreNoMore


  1. […] The breakdowns, the relapses, the suicides: every one is a cautionary tale for me. There was reporting last week of a young man who had struggled with an eating disorder and anxiety, even posted an encouraging recovery video on ED. I wonder what it means to succumb: […]

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