It’s Time We Paid Attention to Binge Eating in Men

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  1. Dave Burney says:

    So good to see this brought to light. One area not mentioned is binging as a result of anti-depressants. Something I continually struggle with.

  2. Even if they are overweight or obese, as an estimated 70 percent of people with binge disorder are, eating more and carrying more weight are more socially acceptable for men than women.
    I’m wondering if it was socially accepted or is it because of the fact that like other forms of discomfort and satisfaction men were not allowed to speak up about it and thus it was written off as being socially acceptable.

  3. The symptoms described as a binge eating disorder describe my entire adult life. I seem only able to feel shame about it, rather than discipline myself into healthier eating habits or to seek professional help.


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