My Girlfriend Denies Facebook-Stalking Her Ex

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  1. Sounds like it’s time for a new girlfriend!

  2. Agree with Bobbt. Sounds like it’s time for a new girlfriend or at least, ending this one. I don’t buy the “tak it out with her”: the fact that her potential unhappiness would lead her to invest time in looking into exes is a red flag. If she was unhappy and talked to you about it without involving third parties in fact or in her actions, then she’s worth working things out with.

  3. My wife has been doing the same thing for probably 5+ years now. Multiple times a week she goes on Facebook and looks up her old boyfriend, comments on his page or pictures, and likes different things on it. She lost her job over a year ago and I’m sure if she spent half as much time looking up jobs instead of her ex-boyfriend she would’ve had luck by now.

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