Startup America Needs to Look More Like America

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About Kalimah Priforce

"Kalimah Priforce is a madman on a mission to transform children's lives as co-founder at Qeyno Labs---which works with local schools and partners to make "career day" an everyday experience for the millions of students that cannot afford private college and career guidance. He is also an educator-in-residence for the Oakland-based "Hidden Genius Project", a program that trains black male youth in entrepreneurial thinking, software development, and user experience design. He can be reached at @priforce on twitter."


  1. Diversity is important when it comes to rival products but not to the CEOs behind those products

    Implying that a black or mexican man can’t start his own internet company because of his race is racist in itself.

    Nothing stops anyone getting on the internet and starting a company, there is not a race requirement when it comes to the internet since most of the time no one will know or give a damn about the skin colour of the founder of a website they use.

    The internet is a market that anyone no matter gender, age or race can benefit from, you imply otherwise

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