White Men Rule The World*

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About Joseph Osmundson

Joseph Osmundson is a scientist and activist based in New York City. He is currently a visiting professor of Biochemistry at Vassar College. He completed graduate studies in Molecular Biophysics at The Rockefeller University where he examined protein structure/function relationships in pathogenic bacteria. He has also taught at The New School and written on the intersection of science and policy.


  1. demitalk says:

    I’m totally missing the connection between race and masculinity here…

    • As many have pointed out, the world I live in it is only *some* white men that ‘rule the world’ and in my day-to-day life it appears to be more women than men.

      I also think the author is blinkered in that what he describes, wholly negatively, as the ‘stereotypical man’ does in fact work for some people out of choice. And you can be a ‘mans man’ without being violent (prejudice to assume otherwise). Obviously not for him and it is important that he should have liberty to be who he wants. But to castigate those who chose to do otherwise I think comes across as hypocritical.

      • Ryan, good point. I don’t see work as a negative stereotype either. Simply because a man identifies with his profession or trade, doesn’t translate into a stereotype. Work is a source of pride and income. Work is also a place to band with like-minded individuals and gain expertise. Furthermore, it is a socially accepted place to compete for resources and status. Whether a man is drawn towards physical work vs. verbal work is simply where his ‘manliness’ is expressed.

        Stereotypes are self-imposed illusions. Who decided that a skilled laborer is chained to a stereotype or sewing and cooking are shackels? They’re just skills. Historically, many of the best tailors, chefs, teachers, writers were male and a means to compete in the economy.

  2. Hank Vandenburgh says:

    The truth is that some rich white men along with a few rich white women (either as agents or symbiotes [wives]) along with some of the same actors who are black, yellow, or brown rule the world. Cross the board privilege based on sex or race doesn’t exist, and is posited as a distraction.

    • Jonathan G says:

      Oh, I don’t doubt that so-called “male privilege” exists across the board. I suppose I have some advantages over Hillary Clinton, Carly Fiorina, Christy Walton, Marissa Meyer, Nancy Pelosi, Sheryl Sandberg, and others like them. However, the magnitude of their privilege in wealth and power utterly blows any advantage I might have out of the water in scope and significance. I am objectively better off than they are in no meaningful way whatsoever.

      And yet, as this amazing article so eloquently describes, the role I’m expected to play in society comes complete with spiritual prison bars. It just goes to show that even though white men are putatively at the top of the social order, most of us don’t actually have all that much power.

  3. Jonathan: You posit a very good question while making a statement.

    Do you really have any privilege over the women you mention?

    If so, please name them.

    • Jonathan G says:

      I really don’t know what those male privileges I have might be, as honestly, I’m not really that versed in feminist theory. I’m just ceding the point for the sake of the argument, because it doesn’t change my point that the privileges of class are so many orders of magnitude greater than the privileges of gender that they render any gender privilege functionally moot.

      As a side topic, I’m open to talking about how male privilege gives me advantages laterally, over women on the same rung of the socioeconomic as I am on. But then, I’m going to insist on discussing/examining female privilege, too.

      • Your main privilege is the total certainty that you are on your own. There is not a single quota, affirmative action or targeted scholarship or assistance program on this planet that is not aimed at excluding, damaging the interests or attacking the power (whatever it may be) of white males.
        If you fail, no-one will care, as you deserve it.
        If you succeed, it is only on the backs of non-whites and women.
        If you are unemployed, starving, living on the street, enslaved or desperately ill you will still be an oppressor, an abuser or an exploiter.
        There are no terms of surrender.
        You are the source of all that is evil in this world.

  4. To be more accurate in your assertion Jonathan: In order for there to be male privilege , ANY MALE PRIVILEGE at all, a black boy from the inner city would have to be shown to have privilege over the women you mention. I highly doubt anyone can show that to be true.

  5. “A human being who is never allowed to cry is stunted. A human being who is not supposed to be weak is lying…:”

    Powerful words….I see this in the men around me…trying to wear that mask of stoicism all the time is tiring….

  6. “My friend’s father convinces me of the adage that oppression dehumanizes oppressor and oppressed alike. The very same systems that give men the power to rape and kill and victimize, to make a dollar to a woman’s $0.72, put men in an impossible predicament. When inevitably a man fails (to be strong, to provide for his family), he loses a piece of his humanity. So says society, so probably says he.”

    And that makes you an oppressor?

    Critical thinking doesn’t tell me this means feminism theory is right. Critical thinking tells me this means feminism theory got it wrong by even using class-based Marxist analysis in the first place.

    It’s NOT oppressor vs oppressed.

    It’s “doer” vs “being”, both oppressed in different ways, by society as a whole.

  7. and this:

    ” And on top of all of that, I baked, I sewed (men are supposed to work, not concern themselves with matters of the home), I played sissy upper-class sports (real men play football, basketball, baseball), I worked really hard at school (real men use their bodies, not their minds), and I cared about it all enough to cry in public.”

    Very Clearly shows the working class = masculinity vs aristocracy = feminity.

    Don’t tell me being working class is better. The 1% is all aristocratic, including Obama.

  8. Random_Stranger says:

    Wow…I kind of agree with the destructive and limiting facets of masculinity listed here but I can’t disagree more that masculinity is imposed on men by men.

    It just don’t get why we insist that men are the chief arbitruers of gender oppression. Its seems we are SLOWLY and FINALLY getting to a spot where we accept that men do in fact, lose under the gender construct, but why can’t we accept that women have equal culpability and responsibility for delivering gender oppression? Why can’t we label the source of everything you listed as “matriarchy”? Like patriarchy, matriarchy would not require its antagonists be specifically male or female only that the protagonist be gendered -and the protagonist in your story is singularly male.

    Not all power is wielded through institutions, where at least transparency and due process can be had. Instead, huge power may be wielded through interpersonal relationships like family, friends and lovers. And I’d wager that the interpersonal has far greater impact on our sense of selves and reinforcing norms than anything any institution imposed. Its just not clear to me however, that men sit atop the interpersonal.

  9. wellokaythen says:

    This is why I’ve come to accept that I was born in the wrong body. I was forced to identify as “white” even though the category never really fit with my internal reality.

    I now identify as a cis-white pre-op transracial person of color.

  10. Do white men really rule the world? This constant – endless – stream of complaints about Evil White Men and the associated evils of masculinity has collapsed into parody.

    You want to be free and throw off your masculine identity. Then go ahead and do it. But ye gods – is it really necessary to carry on about it? You have the overwhelming support and encouragement (to put it mildly) of the media, academia, business and all the powers that be in the West.

    As for all those terrible white men – have a talk with a white man who has lost his job and his resources or is dealing illness or the sheer demands of life and doing his best – and tell him he is part of the Evil Patriarchy and that he is a Ruler of the World.

    At some point the fantasies of this era will be replaced by some new ideology. I cannot imagine it will be worse than what we have now.

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