Not Now, Honey. I’m Late for Gay Softball

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  1. “Some threw like girls” ? Really? It was a great article, but this part just made me want to stop reading. I’m tired of seeing these kinds of sayings. If you’re a girl, you can’t throw a ball. If you (a man) do something that is considered feminine, girly etc, it’s bad and unwanted.

    • Women on average can’t throw with as much strength men. It’s because of how testosterone affects muscle growth. Duh?

    • Thank you, Claire! I thought and felt the exact same thing. I can’t believe people are still using such blatantly sexist and derogatory comments with no consideration! Mind blowing really, especially in an article such as this.

  2. wellokaythen says:

    I think the controversy in Seattle was really fascinating, and I wonder if there’s a possibility that as gay softball becomes more embraced by straight people that there will be similar controversies in other cities. First Seattle, and eventually Boston?

    I think it’s interesting from the standpoint of how people define and redefine differences. Apparently in the Seattle case there were people in the league trying to come up with some sort of verification system to confirm that teams were not fielding too many “non-gay” players. (That would be cheating or violating the integrity of the league, etc.) And, whether someone who self-identified as “bisexual” counted as gay or “other.” Then again, if the leagues become really popular with lots of straights, then what happens to gay softball as gay softball?

  3. It doesn’t surprise me that gay softball teams could be more relaxed when competing. A lot of supposedly heterosexual athletes spend a lot of energy trying constantly to show that they are not gay. Openly gay players don’t have that hang up.

  4. Michael Rowe says:

    God, I loved this piece.

  5. Nice article, but could do without the perpetuation of the stereotype that gay guys are neat, straight guys are messy.

    I had a gay roommate in college. He was the messy one, I was the neat one. Go figure.

  6. David May says:

    All of this, of course, underlines the obvious truth that gay men have more in common with their straight brothers than they do with their gal pals.


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