How Sperm Is Changing the Modern Man

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About Matthew Lin

Matt studied human biology at Brown University. He wrote his honors thesis on babies and is starting medical school in the fall.


  1. I am loving this article, but especially this quote:

    “For lack of a better metaphor, we are the artists, and sperm is the figurative paint with which we can imagine and inspire a more vibrant spectrum of manhood.”

    I am sensing a great opportunity for a performance art piece in here somewhere. :)

  2. not buying it says:

    i was hoping it was just in my head or maybe just my perception of media outlets,schools, in general until other male guys (friends & strangers) proved my hunch,perception or what i am seeing (with my minds eye) maybe it’s just the sign of time’s or actually there is this PC push to make guys acceptable only when they are feminised men or boys or at least the only correct way for a new age male to be, i hope i am wrong still though even this article above proves it too.

    • wet_suit_one says:

      Nope. There’s definitely an element of that in the modern world. Male = bad. Best way to be male = be more like females. There is no doubt in my mind that this is a current in modern day life.

      I say go frack yourself. I’m a man and proud. Deal with it.

      As for sperm, well. What can you say about it? The joyful juice, the baby batter, the man sauce, the glorious goo (I could go on, but you get the point) is the stuff of life itself. To release it is pure joy (generally, a cattle prod can get the job done too, but that’s not pleasure in my books). It has power, but it’s also overblown. A bit of mucous in St. Thomas Acquinas’ view. Not worth the trouble it causes. Of course, the trouble is where all the fun is right? ;-)

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