How Strong Do You Have To Be?

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  1. Forget how much can you bench.

    How much can you deadlift and how many pull-ups can you do!

  2. Neil Armstrong probably had a good bench. Astronauts have to work out a lot.

  3. Aaron Anderson says:

    I’m one of those people who’ll start a fitness routine and ditch it a month later. I gotta admit, one of the reasons I don’t follow through is because of the “mirror monkeys” who walk around the gym flexing, showing off and judging others who don’t look like them. I’m glad to hear that there’s at least one fitness expert who believes that there’s more value to people than just what they can bench press. Life is so much more than just weights and PB’s.

  4. I deeply appreciate your message, Neil. :)

    Raoul Wallenberg certainly would be included in the first list.

    I speak as a health club member who’s spent a small fortune on physical trainers (over a period of six years), by the way.

  5. N.C. Harrison says:

    I’ve come to the place (two wrecked shoulders later) of having decided that the only people who need to bench press are probably power lifters who compete in the bench press… and that’s speaking as one who has completed a paused 455 pound bench press in shirt sleeves. It’s a fine exercise if one enjoys it but by no means mandatory.

    On the other hand, as a religious scholar, I’ll say here and now that Jesus could probably overhead squat a ton. Carpenters definitely gotta have that “old man strength” :D

  6. My father is the man I admire most and I’m pretty sure he cant bench even just 100 pound. I also train for powerlifting, but I never think my strength make me better than other man who have less strength.

  7. But Neil, it’s a well known and established fact that women’s beauty magazines sell them an unattainable beauty standard in order to annihilate their self esteem. If men’s magazines are doing essentially the same thing, with strength instead of beauty… well, we may have to posit that both types of magazines undermine the self esteem of their audience in order to sell more magazines.


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