I Beg of You

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About Jeffrey S. Lawson

Jeffrey S. Lawson is a caregiver and over-communicator based in North Texas.


  1. I dig it. I like the word choice of “overvaluing,” inclusive of harmful and seemingly harmless ( but not) stereotypes.

  2. Luke Davis says:

    Dear People, Your beautiful.

  3. Just Some Guy says:

    Yes because ALL southerners have little to no appreciation or regard for history or science… smh.

  4. Exactly this. »applause«

  5. Mostly_123 says:

    Dear people who are neither overvaluing nor undervaluing others, or themselves: We know you’re out there, so just keep muddling through, and we’ll all get there with you too, sooner or later; don’t get discouraged and stay the course. 

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