I Didn’t Elect to Have Cancer: When Politics Work

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About Toar Winter

Toar Winter is husband to Melissa, father to Kaden and Zander, and creative editor for TV and the web to the Boston market. He loves golf, poker, and the Yankees, and will give an opinion on just about anything. Ask him yourself on Twitter @gordonggourd.


  1. Chuck Ferreira says:

    Fantastic piece and so spot-on…and, happy to read that the prognosis is extremely positive.

  2. Great piece Toar., if anyone has the proper attitude to battle cancer it’s you.

  3. Even though I knew all of this, you have a way of finding the positive, crystalizing ideas and making me feel that there may be hope for people working together.

  4. David A. Frankel says:

    Well said, my friend. Would have expected nothing less. Gov’t has to get back to working to create solutions, not worrying about left or right or who is right or wrong. Keep up the good fight!

  5. Harrison says:

    I know your mom, and I love the part about the doctor confirming her protocol. : )
    So schedule D is the experimental class? That works best and not yet covered? And is lobbying
    the FDA the way to move it down to another class?

    • Toar Winter says:

      Harrison, I misspoke a bit in the piece. Revlimid is a ‘Tier 4′ drug on our old plan, and from what I can tell, it’s an arbitrary list that doesn’t correlate to the federal ‘schedule’ of prescription drugs. Thanks for reading.

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